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by Marta Dąbrowska

Would you like to go through the process of creating a mobile application step by step: from the client’s concept to a new, user-friendly, native mobile app? Keep on reading and find out about the 3rdLOOP android app case study made by Zaven

Have you ever had a problem with finding the right loyalty card in your wallet full of them? Or maybe as a store owner planning bonus programs, you have had to integrate a big, expensive and unwieldy discount system?  Our client wanted to solve all of these shopping problems by creating a single mobile application that would always be available on their clients’ smartphones.

RENTAFINTECH | c/o Visco consulting GmbH is a German financial and consulting company with a strong focus on future technology.

They decided to outsource software development to us. Our main task was to create a system that would simultaneously be an effective loyalty tool for entrepreneurs and a convenient way of paying with a credit card with automatically collecting all the available benefits for shoppers.

outsource software development

Challenge: custom software development

For entrepreneurs:  marketing system which doesn’t require additional hardware or software integration or any others costs. For users – a shopping benefits and bonus programs reminding tool that improves every customer experience. What did the process of mobile app development look like?

Android app case study: technology first!

The first step was to plan a user experience (UX) and create a user interface (UI) that should be intuitive for Android users.  Then, from the very beginning of the process of mobile app development, we worked in SOLID (object-oriented design) principles. We built the back-end system and API implementation.  “Our Android mobile app communicates with APIs made in the REpresentational State Transfer (REST) architectural.” – Damian Świątek, .NET developer. “Back-end Database is based on technologies like ASP.NET Web API and Microsoft SQL Server.”

native mobile app

We’ve used the popular cloud computing service Microsoft Azure, which integrates all the application services: API, Database, Admin Panel and other Azure functions. “Thanks to that 3rdLOOP native mobile app is fast, light and effective.” – Michał Zawadzki, our Lead .NET Developer. “We also used AngularJS to make the Admin Panel.

We worked in a parallel development process using GitFlow. “We care about the quality of our solutions, so we made code reviews which helped eliminate bugs. In addition, the entirety of the code was subjected to a static code analysis and we were able to deliver new features to the client using the automatic process of CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment), which is stable, safe and fast”, concluded Michał.

Android app case study: communication is important!

In every process of mobile app development, the final application depends on many factors: the original concept and business assumptions, the knowledge, and skills of programmers and the process of communication between team members and the client.“We worked using SCRUM methodology, so each day of a sprint we held a meeting which helped us keep up to date with our work progress. We also shared our results with the client very often and got valuable feedback, which was extremely useful for the next iteration of the app’s development.” – Paulina Zygler, 3rdLOOP Project Manager.

Thanks to a very good exchange of information and amazing communication with the clients we were able to achieve a result that satisfied everyone. “Communication with the team at Zaven was always clear, concise and fruitful. At the end of the project, we got a user-friendly and extremely robust Android app, which precisely fit our needs.” – Wojciech Ganczarski, 3rdLOOP.

Android app case study: the results!

android app case study

3 people, 1,100 commits and 40,000 lines of code.

The effect: an efficient and scalable loyalty solution suited to the current market environment.

On the one hand, entrepreneurs can implement marketing campaigns and use a plethora of ways to interact with clients using the 3rdLOOP native mobile app. For example: in less than 15 minutes they can create an individual bonus program to reach the right customers.

On the other hand, the 3rdLOOP application makes shoppers’ lives easier. All the different bonus programs are now available on the go! For example, the customer can now:

  • pay by card and collect reward points automatically
  • receive matched reminders and bonus notifications
  • share shopping opportunities with friends

All these possibilities in one intuitive, convenient and elegant Android application made by us!

Now, you have got through the process of creating a mobile application step by step! How do you like the 3rdLOOP android app case study made by Zaven?

More information:

3rdLOOP project on Zaven website
3rdLOOP app website

Marta Dąbrowska Project Manager

Marta is our Project Manager who focuses on Zaven’s communication. She loves to organize: human resources, social media articles or our integration events. No matter what, she will make it done.

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